About ICON Development

ICON Management is a business unit of ICON Development, a full-service real estate investment, development, construction, and management firm specializing in the syndication of creative projects across the Greater Pittsburgh Area. ICON owns and operates 250+ residential, office, and retail units on behalf of its investors and project-level special purpose entities. Our mission is to assemble sustainable, environmentally sensitive real estate projects by utilizing proven, value-driven approach to commercial and residential development. A powerful engine that drives our enthusiasm and passion for development is a deep civic pride for the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh that we call home. We focus on addressing the unmet economic needs of these communities in order to catalyze opportunities for commerce.

Our Team

Our management team is a multi-talented group of professionals who together have extensive experience in all phases of a project, including finance, assembly, development, commercial sales, and construction. We are a community of forward-thinkers who love to push boundaries and explore outside the box.

At ICON Development, we’ve built Cube Creative Space for creative minds, by creative minds. We love our city, and we know Pittsburgh is home to brilliant individuals with ground-breaking ideas. Our wholehearted desire is to help our clients fulfill their professional potential with an office that reflects their genius. We seek to offer all the amenities they need, at prices they’ll love.

Turn-Key Flexible Space

Cube Creative Space was founded with the small business owner in mind. We understand that for entrepreneurs and employees to thrive, they need spaces that combine aesthetics, ambiance, and amenities. We’ve carefully thought-out our floor plan to include a diverse, boutique-style range of flexible spaces. Focus with staff in a private business conference room. Your workday is entirely customizable, and there’s no limit to your options.

Not only practical, but every square foot of our building is also thoughtfully crafted with style. We believe that our surroundings are powerful, which is why we’ve spared no effort in our mission to create an inspiring, aesthetically pleasing interior. Each room is filled with high-end finishes, features, and fixtures. With innovative design, we’ve managed to pull off a seamless open-concept space with distinct areas and atmospheres. Cube Creative Space offers an ambiance conducive to virtually every professional need.

Affordable Office Rentals

We’ve designed our facility with you in mind, and we’ve priced our rental fees with affordability in mind. We offer an array of leases, each jam-packed with value, unmatched in the local industry. Our rates are extremely competitive so that you can channel your assets where they need to go— directly into growing your business. Forget the hassle of utility bills, cleaning contracts, and other property owner responsibilities. Our leases are a simple, stress-free solution for professionals who want to put their energy into their work.

For further details about our leases, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our representatives can’t wait to hear from you.